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Associate Vice President



As Associate Vice President, Jane McGrath works with clients across the full range of Liberty Square Group government relations, public affairs and strategic communications services. Her commitment and attention to detail has enabled her to understand a client’s needs and deliver impactful results. Whether developing a public affairs campaign, supporting a crisis client through a media storm, or guiding a client through the legislative process, Jane knows what matters and delivers.

In her time at Liberty Square Group, Jane has worked on a number of key initiatives. She has developed a successful public affairs campaign for a top telecommunications infrastructure company, managed press surrounding global headline-producing litigation, and worked as project manager for Senator Ed Markey’s historic 2020 re-election campaign against former Congressman Joe Kennedy III. No matter the challenge, Jane works swiftly and diligently in pursuit of the goal to ensure client success. 

Prior to joining Liberty Square Group, Jane worked as the Public Relations and Communications Manager at a division of EF, Education First in Cambridge, MA. When a Massachusetts legal ruling threatened to upend the business, Jane worked closely with senior leadership and the government relations team to mitigate damages and keep the company on track for success, sharpening her government and public relations skills.

Jane graduated summa cum laude from Trinity College, with honors in Political Science and a minor in Urban Studies. She is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa society.

In her spare time, Jane enjoys traveling, reading, and baking for her friends and family. 

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