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campaign management

Political Campaigns

Liberty Square Group’s decades of campaign experience and proven reputation of excellence in political communication will help you cut through the noise. Scott Ferson and LSG win at the statewide, congressional, and local levels by tailoring creative, results-oriented messaging to meet the unique needs of each candidate.

Advocacy Campaigns

Many of the same tools that are effective in electing candidates to office can be used to promote issues.  Whether generating support for a legislative issue or winning a referendum, creating a campaign structure, developing a message, and building support are all critical to wins.  Put LSG’s experience to work in your advocacy campaign.


Campaigns push candidates to the extremes of physical and mental exhaustion. The only thing a candidate should worry about is how many voters they’ve talked to in a day. Liberty Square Group will get your paperwork filed, set up your banking and compliance, walk you through the do’s and don’ts of campaign finance, and file reports on your behalf.

Mail & Digital

Working with our partners, we offer full-service solutions for bulk mailers, graphic design, and digital advertising. For many voters, these mediums will be your only opportunity to leave an impression before Election Day. Liberty Square Group will steward you through each step of the process.

Crisis Communications

The fast-paced and ever-changing events of a campaign and opponents’ efforts to take you off your message require a poised, strategic approach. Liberty Square Group will steer your candidacy through the many challenges and breaking new events of the campaign cycle.

Take the next step for your campaign with The Blue lab

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