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The Blue Lab

Running the campaigns of the future, today.

White Pillars

The Blue Lab is a political incubator that is revolutionizing Democratic  political campaigns and the next generation of candidates and campaigners.


Started in 2012 by Scott Ferson and Sean Sinclair, both veterans of local, state and national campaigns, the Blue Lab's mission is to cultivate the next generation of Democratic campaign leaders, to provide a unique educational experience,  and to lower the barrier of entry for first-time, minority, and female candidates.

To achieve its mission the Blue Lab provides permanent campaign capacity for Democratic office-seekers, incubating multiple efforts at any given time.  The Blue Lab trains college students and future activists on the fundamentals of running a campaign and the critical skills and tools necessary to execute a successful plan.  

For more information, to become a client or to apply for a Blue Lab internship, contact Casey Atkins at

Click HERE to be redirected to the Blue Lab website.

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