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Issue advocacy

Grassroots Organizing

Broad, engaged support for your initiative can be critical to a winning campaign. LSG will work with you to design and implement strategies to cast a wide net to maximize your support.  Our experience developing assets and utilizing both old school tools and digital resources is without parallel.

Grassroots Engagement

The support of key organizational leaders is key to establishing legitimacy for your issue or campaign.  Our relationships with opinion leaders throughout the region provide you a leg up on the competition.  We don’t need to cold call.  After decades doing this work, we are already in the door.

Message Development

Many organizations make the mistake of developing their message for the wrong audience – themselves.  LSG will work with you to craft compelling messages for all your audiences – and the assets you need to communicate them.  Our experience in politics, corporate communications and advocacy brings tremendous value to this table.

Coalition Management

If your campaign needs resources, a full-fledged coalition may be the answer.  Managed correctly, they are a boost for any effort.  Run poorly and they will sap the energy from volunteers and staff.  LSG is your partner to maximize the impact of this powerful weapon.

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