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Judy Rakowsky

Managing Director, Strategic Communications



Judy Rakowsky leads the Strategic Communications practice for Liberty Square Group.


She harnesses deep journalistic experience to help clients attract good attention to their brand or manage
lightning strikes to their reputation. She spent decades on deadline as an award-winning reporter and
editor at the Boston Globe, People Magazine, the Providence Journal, the Columbus Citizen-
Journal, and The Plain Dealer. She saw up close how reputations rose and fell by the way entities
responded to media outreach.


From years of covering and editing coverage of legal matters, she also saw how narratives get set in litigation long before the battle reaches the courtroom. That experience has informed her work over the past decade, finding and implementing the right strategy on behalf of whistleblowers, CEOs, large non-profits, including universities, as well as famed scientists and authors.


Whether by driving attention to an untold side of a story or mitigating a runaway narrative,
she helps clients get their message across. Her background and experience have been a game
changer for clients feeling powerless on the mercurial media landscape.


An Ohio native, Ms. Rakowsky holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and journalism, with honors in journalism, from the University of Michigan.

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