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Do you wonder why voters vote the way they do? So do we.  After years commenting on voter sentiment, and occasional bewilderment at voter behavior we have hit the road to do the unheard of!


There is tons of data on voter sentiment. We have polls, focus groups, strategists, and so many other mediums via which we seek answers.

Polls are snapshots in time. They inform us of how voters are thinking at a given moment. They are not predictive of outcome. A pollster will also tell you this.

We believe that listening to people in person, where they live, in their town, is the missing piece of this puzzle.

We provide that missing puzzle piece. This year, leading up to the midterm election we will hit the road, all over place. We will report on what we hear. Join us on this journey.

Scott Ferson teaches about elections at Stonehill College. He runs a political incubator, the Blue Lab, and a public relations company, Liberty Square Group. He has watched and worked on campaigns for 40 years.

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